Local Law 95

NYC Local Law 33 of 2018 will mandate the posting of “A” through “F” letter grades based on your building’s energy efficiency beginning in 2020.

Local Law 95 amends Local Law 33 of 2018,  enforces buildings larger than 25,000 square feet and subject to Local Law 84 to publicly display Building Energy Efficiency Rating labels. This law will give the public a snapshot of a building’s energy performance relative to other New York City buildings. Building owners who aggressively pursue energy efficiency improvements will be rewarded with higher energy grades. This law will incentivize capital improvements to lower operating costs, improve tenant comfort, and save energy as well as strengthening opportunities for building owners to increase marketability, improve brand reputation, and demonstrate commitment to tenants. It will also empower tenants, co-op and condo owners, and other stakeholders to choose buildings that align with their environmental values.

Ratings include a 1–100 ENERGY STAR® score and corresponding A–D letter grade. ENERGY STAR® scores are assigned based on building occupancy type, with building performance measured against that of similar buildings.

Energy Grade - Energy Star Score

A 85-100

B 70-84

C 55-69

D 1-54

F Non-Compliant

N No ES Score or Exempt

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Local Law 95

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